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Not Soy Fast: Genetically Modified, Resource Greedy, and coming to a Supermarket Near You

The silent march of the multinational GMO soy industry and its growing power in South America, the EU, and around the World.

Veröffentlicht am: 30.12.2008, 12:45 Uhr
Präsentation vom: 30.12.2008, 12:45 Uhr

Autor: Bicyclemark

Abstract: Soy is the magic ingredient that we often look to for our alternative, healthier, and more responsible diets. Yet the soy industry, with its boom in profits and global reach, behaves the exact opposite way.

Speakers: Bicyclemark
Language: en
Date: 2008-12-30
Time: 12:45
Room: Saal 1

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