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Eine private Abhörmaßnahme im Äther

Veröffentlicht am: 10.02.2007, 01:00 Uhr
Dauer: 00:57:26h

Autor: Brian Springer

"Spin" von Brian Springer ist im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes ein Blick hinter die Kulissen der Macht. Die Nachlässigkeit von Betreibern satellitenbasierter Fernsehübertragungssysteme ausnutzend schnitt Brian Springer über längere Zeit die unverschlüsselten Roh-Datenströme von Fernsehprogrammen mit und stellte die Ergebnisse in dieser Dokumentation zusammen. Politiker im Gespräch mit TV-Moderatoren, bevor sie in die Live-Sendung geschaltet werden, Politiker bei der Aufnahme von Wahlwerbespots und auf Veranstaltungen: interessante O-Töne, die die Verdrehung von Wortsinn, Aussagen und Argumentationen perfekt dokumentieren.

"As a TV democracy, the U.S. is linked into one televised nation thought the use of Satellite feeds. These feeds carry the live raw TV image before it has been packed by the networks with music, graphics or commercials. Satellite feeds reveal images of TV personalities in from a live camera with open microphones before they go on-air and again during commercial breaks. Because the feeds are sent out unscrambled and are visible to over 4 million dish owners across America, anyone with a home dish can tune them in. The networks view the nation as one big patch bay on which they can spill feeds of TV personalities being made up, cajoling, primping and whispering. To the networks, these feed out-takes are trash, and to most home dish-owners, boring. To me, the feeds are a window into the construction and performance of character, and the floating TV talk-show called the 1992 U.S. Presidential election.

"I chose 1992 as the year to monitor the satellite spectrum because of the national election; feeds are the easiest and cheapest way for the candidates and the networks to teleport their images across the vast landscape of a national election. George Bush began when he hired the former producer of ABC's "Nightline" to orchestrate his satellite re-election bid: Bush was beamed via satellite to many local TV stations to appear in "Nightline"-style interviews with the kinder and gentler local news anchors, and the other candidates followed suit. Larry King held court on satellite as the candidates made over 100 talk-show appearances (they made only 2 in 1988), and LA burned with hundreds of feeds as the networks spun the dissent. I'd trawl the spectrum, starting with the morning TV talk-shows at 6AM and end at midnight with "Nightline". I lost muscle-tone in my stomach, damaged the nerves in my thumb with the remote-control and felt only as good as my last image.

"The result of this viewing experiment is a one-hour video documentary called SPIN which uses feeds to unravel the election and the televised events which framed it, such as the L.A. riots, Colombus' 500th anniversary, and the struggle for reproductive and sexual rights. Spin captures the contempt for the public whispered by spin doctors, and the hallucinogenic collusion of the candidates, the press and the technology." -Brian Springer



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